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Want to get your company back on track to profitability?
Our experts are here to help.

No one wants to think they need Turnaround Consulting.

Don’t wait to get the guidance you need until it’s too late.

If your business is struggling, if your performance is behind last year’s two quarters in a row and you don’t know how to correct your course, don’t wait too long to get help. Reach out to our advisors today!

Your company is struggling with serious problems. 

The warning signs are there. You can’t ignore them any longer.

Most leaders wait too long. By the time they acknowledge the severity of their issues, they’ve run out of cash and time.

You’re not going to do that. You’re ready to take action NOW to get the help your company needs.

You need someone with proven turnaround experience. Someone who will quickly understand what’s gone wrong, helping you eliminate operational losses, streamline processes, refocus your marketing and sales efforts, and get your company back on track to profitability.

Someone who will help you leave a legacy of success instead of failure.

Our experienced team is ready to jump onboard and guide you through the process!

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Client Testimonials

“It’s critical that when there’s an emergency in someone’s life, whether it be personal, financial, or business, that you have a group you respect that can give you the wherewithal to see past the storm clouds and make the right moves.”

“When I met Jim, I didn’t even know how to read an income statement; he taught me so much about basic business knowledge. In our first meeting he talked about a thirteen week forward looking cash flow statement, and my mind was blown that people were thinking that far ahead; thirteen weeks sounded like a long time. But now, we have a twenty week forward looking cash flow statement, which has saved our butts in more than one occasion. If it weren’t for Jim, I don’t think we would have ever even instituted the practice of watching our cash. We probably would have gone out of business back in 2018 when we hit some hiccups.”

“When I joined Vistage, our company was flat. My experience with Vistage, especially with Jim’s leadership in the one-to-ones, has been transformational. It all has been transformational for my business!”

“The toughest decision I’ve had to make in my business was made with the help of the Vistage group.”

“Over the thirteen years I’ve been with Jim, he’s helped my business grow an average of 40% every single year. Now we have gone from one location, here in San Diego, to seven in the country and growing. We represent five states whereas when I met Jim, we were representing one county.”

“Before I joined Jim’s Vistage group, I was flying a plane with zero instructions. Now I feel like I’m in control. I know where I’m going. I can read how far I am and where I am heading. I have the instruments right in front of me thanks to Jim!”

“Jim has a way of knowing what’s happening in your business by only asking a few questions. Jim is really good at business; he knows what questions to ask to really know what’s going on.”

“Jim has meant so much to our business and so much to me and my family both as a friend, a chair, and a guide over all these years.”

When you run your company efficiently you reclaim 1/3 of your time. In return, you get 1/3 of your life back. Reclaim your life and jump onboard with turnaround consulting. Your business and life will be changed for the better. 

I know how to help walk you through the turnaround process, and you should not have to do that alone. I am here to help you and act as guidance through these big life decisions.

So what do you say?